DVD Builders understand that inviting builders into your home to carry out major alterations can be daunting and disruptive. DVD Builders have a number of key policies and working practices to assist our clients in every way to minimise the impact and help you understand the processes involved. Please see below:
1. Quotations

When requested we will send a representative to meet you and discuss your needs. We will then write back to you within 2 weeks with our fixed price quotation and the expected build duration. The quotation will detail your requirements and as it suggests, is a fixed price not an estimate. We believe this is a very important key policy, as it will enable you to carry out your works within your allocated budget and know the length of time the build process will take. No more guess work.

2. Contracts and schedules of works

If chosen to carry out your works, DVD Builders will supply a written schedule of works and contract document. Alternatively (architects or local authority) we will work with your JCT contract.

The schedule will detail every area of works that you wish us to carry out; this might include the supply or fitting of tiles, sanitary ware or other fittings and will detail what our responsibilities are as the builder. Using a schedule is the professional way to ensure there are no misunderstandings throughout the contract period.

The written contract simply underlines the agreement and both parties' obligations with regards to the works, the timetable and payments.

These documents will give you assurance and peace of mind, as you know exactly what will be carried out and what the cost will be.

3. The works process and your team

Once works are to commence, DVD Builders will take care of all the logistics, inspections and contractors. We willl build as per your requirements and are happy to discuss changes, options and choices throughout the build process. All we will request from you is a regular interaction with your manager to discuss any queries we may have.

Each contract is provided with a dedicated team of builders including a site manager all of whom are on site every day 5-6 days a week until the contract is complete. We operate multiple, flexible teams, which m,eans we can apply as much or as little manpower to your site each day as required. This system enables us to complete each project quickly and efficiently and remain competitive.

4. Payments

Paymens are made at points of completion only. We will divide your project into various points (this could be as little as 3 or over 20 depending on complexity). A value will be allocated to each stage and payments are then made as each stage is reached.

5. Project managing

As well as your dedicated team and site manager, you will have full access to the project manager (PM) who will be available every day to discuss your needs, choices and any changes to the contract that you may wish to make.

The project manager has overall control of our ongoing contracts and you are encouraged to telephone or email the PM at any time for a speedy response. You can also request site meetings with your PM at any time.

The real time hands on approach is welcomed by our clients, as it ensures all your needs, enquiries or concerns are met and enables you to work through your project with genuine leadership and direction.

6. Completion

As the works are nearing completion, we carry out a final "snagging" procedure which is simply where the manager will liaise with you to identify any areas of work that are in need of final completion and to check that nothing has been missed or is not yet satisfactory. Alist is drawn up and each item is worked off the list until every detail has been completed to both ours and your satisfaction.

Once your works are complete we will supply you with all the documentations such as:

Completion certificates from building control
Electrical certificates (part P)
Gas safe certificates


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