As a developer you will be looking for a fast and reliable builder so you can turn your projects around in the fastest possible time and return the maximum profit for your investment.

DVD Builders offer a dedicated developer service to ensure the success of your projects and maximum returns.

As developers ourselves, we understand the unique needs of the investor and can help you with the success of your projects with our
services below:
1. Fixed price contracts for budget planning

We offer all of our clients fixed price contracts, NOT estimates. This simply means that we can guarantee the contract price, enabling you to work tightly within your budget and have peace of mind when obtaining development funding

2. Design and planning service for maximum returns.

If you need advice and assistance with your projects then we can help. We offer advice on reaching the correct balance between your projects spend and return, so you can maximize the all important result.. profit!

3. On site management and project managing.

Each of DVD builders build teams includes an onsite manager who is directly in charge of their project. The manager will be responsible for the work team and will direct the build process from start to finish.

As our client you will also have full access to a project manager (PM) who can be contacted at any time to discuss changes to the plan, gain advice or to answer any queries. The PM is also responsible for all the behind the scenes works and to apply the required workforce daily

4. Individual contract applied work force size for maximum efficiency.

DVD builders operate a flexible workforce which means we will apply as little or as much labour to your site as and when required. This means we can carry out the works efficiently and quickly enabling you to turn your projects around in the fastest possible time.

5. Realistic timescales and achievements.

When we plan your build and determine exactly what’s involved; we will identify the timescale required and offer a realistic target which is formed using our years of experience and applied calculations.

The calculation takes into consideration the location, complexity, the age of the property, supply and distribution of materials and even the time of year the build is expected to take place in. The formula results in a timescale that we can rely on and gives you assurances that we will achieve our targets.


A Free Client Guide

A guide helping you through the process of your building project. Simple and easy to understand step by step guide that you will find invaluable.
Simply get in touch and give us a brief summary of the project and a request for the FREE guide.
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